Schedule A Scan

PC Matic recommends a weekly quick malware scan and a monthly full malware scan.

These scans should be scheduled on different days so they don't overlap. (Example: A weekly quick scan on Friday and a monthly full scan on Sunday)

While PC Matic 5 does not currently offer the functionality to manually choose or adjust a scanning date, you can create the schedule on your preferred day and time. The scan will automatically initiate on a weekly or monthly basis, usually around the same day and time that it was scheduled. Please note that the timing of the scans may vary slightly each week or month due to reliance on the computer's status and internet connection. In the event of a missed scan, the scheduler will make an effort to run the scan once the device is back online. Moreover, any interrupted scans should resume upon reconnection and finish at a subsequent time.


  1. Open PC Matic by clicking on the SuperShield icon in the system tray (by the time/date) then click Launch PC Matic.

Or you can right-click the PC Matic desktop icon and run the app as an administrator.

You can also search for PC Matic in the Search Bar. Then run PC Matic as an administrator.

  1. Once PC Matic launches click on devices.

  1. Click on Scheduler under the device you want to create a scheduled scan.

  1. Click on Create Schedule.

Note: if you want to delete a scheduled scan click the x button. To edit a scheduled scan click the pencil icon.

  1. Configure your scan settings. You can also send reports to your account email.

  1. Then click save. It will be added to your scheduler.
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