Running a PC Matic scan

After PC Matic has been installed, you must run an initial scan and clean to remove any potential threats on your system. After this scan completes, you can create a scheduled scan to continue scanning your computer every week.



  1. Open PC Matic by clicking on the SuperShield icon in the system tray (by the time/date) then click Launch PC Matic.
  2. Click the green scan now button.

  3. Once you click scan now you will be prompted with preferences for your scan
    • Select "Full Scan" for a thorough check of your entire computer.
    • If you're in a hurry, select "Quick Scan" to check the most critical areas.
    • If you just want a device cleanup to improve device performance select "Skip"
  4. then click "Scan" to start scan

  1. While in progress, You can see the current scan step & progressions of that step. Once completed a window with your scan results will popup.


  1. Click on the green PC Matic/SuperShield icon in the Status Menu.
  2. Click on Scan.


  1. Open the PC Matic app on your Android device.
  2. Click scan application to just scan the apps you have installed or click scan all files to scan every file on your device.

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