Am I protected?



To verify the security status of your device, kindly locate SuperShield near the time and date on your taskbar. Ensure that the SuperShield icon is displayed in green. A green shield signifies that SuperShield is operational and actively safeguarding your device. Additionally, you have the option to access the PC Matic application which will indicate "This device is protected."


The Console displays the real-time activity of Super Shield. A green shield indicates that SuperShield is operational and actively protecting your device. This window can be closed while the real-time protection continues to run. To reopen it, simply click on the green shield in your status menu, and then select Console.


PC Matic operates differently on iOS devices in comparison to Windows, Mac, and Android devices. On iOS devices, PC Matic functions as a content blocker. Upon opening the PC Matic app, users should observe the message "Content blocking is enabled," confirming that PC Matic is active on their iOS device. The shield icon transitions to green when the content block is active in Safari's settings and to grey when it is inactive.


Once PC Matic is successfully installed, a green shield will appear at the top left corner of your device, next to the time. This green shield signifies that your device is being actively protected. Upon opening the PC Matic app, you will also encounter the message, "Your device is protected against real-time threats!" For optimal performance, it is recommended to keep the PC Matic app running continuously on your Android device. Avoid closing the application to ensure continuous protection.

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