Upgrade to PC Matic 5

This article is for existing PC Matic installations. If you are installing PC Matic for the first time, please see Install PC Matic on Windows to download and install.


  • Windows 10 and Windows 11
    • PC Matic 5 uses new technologies that are not compatible with older operating systems.
    • Updates for macOS, Android, and iOS apps are coming in the near future.

Systems running Windows 10 or Windows 11 will receive a prompt to upgrade to PC Matic 5 upon launching the program. You may see a brief appearance of a black Command Prompt window when PC Matic opens. This is anticipated as PC Matic verifies the version of your operating system.

  1. Open PC Matic on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer.
  2. When PC Matic opens, you'll see a prompt to upgrade.

  3. Click the Upgrade button to proceed.

    Clicking the Cancel button will postpone the upgrade until we release the automatic upgrade in the near future.

  • PC Matic 4 will close and the new installer will begin by prompting you to choose your desired language. Once selected, click OK.

  1. After a few moments, a notification will appear indicating that PC Matic is already installed. Click Yes to start the upgrade.

  2. Next, you will be prompted to uninstall the existing version of PC Matic. Click Yes to continue.

This will not uninstall SuperShield, so your device will stay protected during the upgrade process.

  1. The PC Matic uninstaller will now run. When complete, click OK.

  2. Read and accept the License Agreement and click "I accept the agreement." Then Click Next.

  1. Confirm the install setup by clicking install.

Wait for the setup to complete. When complete, PC Matic will automatically launch.

  1. If prompted with User Account Control, click Yes. It will then Launch PC Matic.

  1. When PC Matic launches, enter the login credentials that you created with your purchase.

Installation is complete!

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