Launching PC Matic

After your initial installation on a Windows computer, PC Matic will launch automatically. This provides you the ability to immediately do a scan after install, and install SuperShield protection. If it does not launch automatically, there are several ways to open PC Matic.

Desktop Shortcut

If you elected to have a desktop shortcut added during installation, look on your desktop for the green PC Matic shield shown on the right and double click it.

PC Matic Desktop Icon

Start Menu

Click the start menu in the lower left hand corner of your desktop and choose all programs.

Look for the folder titled PC Pitstop, and then PC Matic. Double click the PC Matic entry with

the green shield.

PC Matic Start Menu Icon

SuperShield icon

Click on the SuperShield icon in the system tray, then click on Launch PC Matic.

SuperShield System Tray
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