Receiving Suspicious Phone Calls

PC Matic will never call you to alert you to problems with your computer. If you are a PC Matic subscriber, running a PC Matic scan and clean will not only alert you to any issues but will fix them as well.

Microsoft will also never call you to alert you to issues with your computer.

The same applies to other antivirus companies, Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc. These companies will never call you to alert you to issues with your account or your computer.

If you receive a call from someone claiming to be PC Matic, Microsoft, or another antivirus company, it is a SCAM. You should hang up immediately.

Many of these scammers will claim that errors in the Event Viewer are a sign of issues that only they can correct. This is a lie. Below is a link that explains what the Event viewer is and what it does. Even perfectly functioning programs will have errors reported in the event viewer.

For more information, see the links below:

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