Installing PC Matic (Windows 7)

We recommend that you uninstall your previous antivirus before installing PC Matic. Running more than one real-time antivirus program at a time can result in an unstable environment and weakened security.

The program should start to download. If it doesn't, please contact support and let us know if any error messages or notifications appear when you try to install PC Matic.

  1. Download the PC Matic installer file using the green Download Button. When you install PC Matic the download might show at the bottom of the page or top right of the page.

  2. Once the download completes, click on the download notification to open the file, or open File Explorer and click on the download tab to find the file. Then double click on the installation file, or click it once and press enter.

  3. When the installer opens, click Run.

  4. If prompted with User Account Control, click Yes.

  5. Select your language and press OK.

  6. Read and accept the License Agreement and click "I accept the agreement." Then Click Next.

  7. Confirm the installation location and click Next.

  8. Confirm the Start Menu location, then click Next.

  9. Click Next on the option to add desktop and quick launch shortcuts.

  10. Click the Install button.

  11. Wait for the installation to complete.

  12. When installation is complete, click Finish to launch PC Matic.

  13. When PC Matic opens, enter your PC Matic login information.

Installation complete!

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