Windows VPN installation via PC Matic 5

  1. Open PC Matic by clicking on the SuperShield icon in the system tray (by the time/date) then click Launch PC Matic.

Or you can right-click the PC Matic desktop icon and run the app as an administrator.

You can also search for PC Matic in the Search Bar. Then run PC Matic as an administrator.

  1. Once PC Matic launches click the VPN tab.

  1. The VPN app will start to install onto your computer. Accept the terms and conditions of the app, then click Install.

  1. The VPN app will finish installing. Then you can launch the VPN app.

  1. After launching the VPN, you will be prompted to log in with your PC Matic credentials.

Installation Complete!

For more information on how to use the VPN on your device please click the link below.

How do I use PC Matic VPN for Windows?

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